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Process of analysis of the convergence of a cathode-ray tube with three ganged guns and a device forming a pick-up allowing implementation of this process

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4364079.

A process of analysis of convergence along two orthogonal components of the three guns in a color television tube with ganged guns involves, for example, placing an analysis slit 20 in front of the screen of the cathode-ray tube in order to observe at least three luminophore columns 15 of different colors in full width, of causing a luminous line of a single color to pass by, turning on only the corresponding gun in front of said slit, and of measuring the current in the deviator of the cathode-ray tube for which the maximum light intensity is observed through the slit, and of beginning these operations again for each of the three colors, the measured values making it possible to deduce the convergence gaps of the beams at the placement of the slit. The invention allows automatic convergence correction of the cathode-ray tube.

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