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Wet electrostatic precipitator having means for dampening the swaying of its discharge electrodes

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4362538.

A wet electrostatic precipitator includes flat discharge electrodes (14) of a grid-like construction that have some flexibility so that if sparking occurs between their freely suspended lower ends and the adjacent collector plates (12), the lower ends will tend to sway back and forth. Oscillation dampener devices (50) are suspended upon the lower ends of the electrodes and are comprised of a cylindrical mass or body portion (82) rigidly connected to a rail portion (80) by arms (84). Each dampener is pendulously suspended upon a cross member (56) of the frame of the associated electrode so that its rail portion rubs against the cross member with enough friction to rapidly inhibit the swaying of the lower end of the electrode under the influence of any sparking.

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