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Pivotable ramp device for track games

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4355807.

A pivotable ramp device for use in connection with track games having toy vehicles. The device includes a base which is selectively coupleable to a position along the track of the track game. The base pivotally supports a ramp at a laterally extending axis elevated above the surface of the track, the axis centrally intersecting the ramp to define two sides of the ramp. A first side of the ramp is the entrance side and a second side of the ramp is the exit side. The ramp is pivotally displaceable between a first position where the end of the entrance side contacts the track for permitting a toy vehicle traveling towards the ramp to ride up the entrance side onto the ramp and a second position where the end of the exit side contacts the track for permitting the toy vehicle thereon to ride down the ramp and back onto the track, or to permit a toy vehicle to pass under the ramp and pivotally displace the ramp out of the path of the vehicle.

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