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Method of and apparatus for maintaining substantially constant a quantity of opened fibrous material

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4353667.

A method of, and apparatus for, maintaining substantially constant a quantity of opened fibrous material delivered per unit of time, to a spinning preparatory machine, wherein a conveying air stream is generated by means of a fan operating at a given point on its characteristic diagram, the conveying air stream is delivered into a transporting duct for the fibrous material, and the fibrous material is supplied into the transporting duct. The supplied fibrous material within the duct is accelerated by means of the conveying air stream, and the accelerated fibrous material is delivered within the duct in the direction of the spinning preparatory machine. There is determined the operating condition of the fan by measuring a parameter which is characteristic for the operation condition of the fan and depending on the quantity of fibrous material accelerated, the measured parameter is compared with a parameter corresponding to a desired quantity of opened fibrous material which is to be delivered per unit of time to the spinning preparatory machine, and upon deviation of the measured parameter from the set value parameter there is adjusted the further supply of fibrous material into the transporting duct until re-establishing a supply of fibrous material to said spinning preparatory machine corresponding to the substantially constant quantity of opened fibrous material desired to be delivered to the spinning preparatory machine.

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