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Continuous and automatic oil-water mixing method and its installation

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4352572.

In a method and installation for providing a stable mixture of heavy oil and water to an oil burner, heavy oil is supplied from a storage tank to an oil tank where it is maintained at a selected pressure and a temperature of C. Water is supplied from a water source to a water tank where it is maintained at a selected pressure and a temperature of C. Oil from the oil tank and water from the water tank are pumped into and through an agitator at a pressure of 3.5-5.5 kg/cm.sup.2 while maintaining the temperature of the oil and water above C. The agitator comprises a cylindrical casing containing a first set of static disc-like elements having inclined holes to produce a swirling motion of the oil-water and a second set of static disc-like elements each having a central protruding dome portion surrounded by a rim portion. Alternate elements of the second set have a multiplicity of small holes in the dome portion while intervening elements have a multiplicity of small holes in the rim portion.

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