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Balloon catheter

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4351342.

A catheter comprising an elongated tube and an inflatable balloon. The elongated tube has a wall defining a main lumen in its interior. The distal end of the tube is insertable within a body while its proximal end remains exteriorally of the body. A port extends through the tube wall to provide fluid communication between the main lumen and the exterior of the tube at the distal end of the tube. The inflatable balloon has an opening extending through its side, which opening is aligned with the port in the tube. The peripheries of the opening in the balloon and of the port in the tube are completely adhered. An inflation lumen is also provided in the tube which conducts fluid pressure to and from the interior of the balloon to inflate and deflate the balloon. This arrangement enables the inflated balloon to cushion fully the distal end of the catheter and provide a tapered lead in to the port to enhance drainage.

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