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Hermaphrodite electrical connector

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4330164.

An hermaphrodite electrical connector in which the two substantially identical connector parts are adapted to be associated, after they have been located side by side and pointing in the same direction, by a flip-flop type of relative movement, that is to say, one not involving rotation of the connector units around an axis in the direction of telescoping movement of the parts. When the two connector parts are secured together the engaging contacts are substantially completely enclosed and insulated from adjacent contacts. The construction is such as to accommodate itself to the reception of a substantial number of contact pairs without adversely affecting the strength of the connector, and to be readily manufacturable in a plurality of patterns through the use of a modular mold construction; the use of a plurality of patterns permits the employment in a given piece of equipment of a number of pairs of associatable parts which can only be associated with one another in those predetermined pairs, thus positively preventing the making of incorrect electrical connections. The parts are designed to facilitate their telescoping connection and to rigidify and strengthen the assembled connector. The connector construction leads itself to the production of a simple but effective wire-splicer.

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