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Knock down weather and salt resistant salt and mineral feeder for cattle

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4324202.

A knock down salt and mineral feeder for cattle is formed of two oppositely facing sidewall subassemblies formed by vertical posts of different length, between which pasts span a trough sideboard. A side panel is factory preassembled to the trough sideboard and post. Each rear post bears a vertical mortise slot. The trough sideboard bears an inclined mortise slot. A horizontal mortise slot within the bottom of the trough sidewall extends from the inclined slot of the sideboard to the post vertical slot. A rear wall subassembly is formed by a back panel having a trough backboard fixed thereto bearing tenons on its end fitting within the vertical mortise slots of the rear posts. A horizontal mortise slot within the trough backboard is aligned with the horizontal mortise slots for the sidewall subassemblies. A roof subassembly is formed of a roof panel mounted via a pair of sideboards to the lateral sides of the roof panel. All thread rods project through holes within the trough sideboard, and nuts are threaded on the projecting ends of the rods to lock the rear wall assembly to the sidewall assemblies with trough boards within the slots forming a trough, well to the rear of the open front of the feeder. The rear posts are shorter than the front posts for the sidewall assemblies, and the roof panel is wider than the side panels to provide frontal overhang. The roof subassembly is bolted via the sideboards to the sidewall assembly posts. Runners are bolted to the bottoms of the sidewall posts. A hollow tubular container bearing a face fly treatment liquid carries internally at the bottom a feeder wick. Braided cotton rope wicks are connected to the feeder wicks and extend at right angles thereto and have their ends projecting through holes at the top of the cylinder, to each side thereof, to form an array of liquid applicator rope wicks overlying the open end of the feeder when the cylindrical container is mounted beneath the roof assembly at the overhang.

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