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Postage value calculator with expanded memory versatility

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4320461.

A postage value calculator system includes a processor which receives article weight, destination, class and carrier type information for transportation of the article. The processor accesses a directory which vectors to memory locations to retrieve rate data for generation of a postage value. The system includes an address counter which is incremented to access successive memory address locations. All system memories include uniformly spaced storage locations which are reserved for addressing purposes only. Each time the address counter is incremented, a check is made to determine if the location reached is reserved for addressing data. If the location is not reserved for addressing data, the stored postal information is used for the postage computation routine. When the incremented address is that of the addressing data, the word stored in the memory is loaded into the upper byte of the address counter, the lower order byte is set to zero, and the program continues at the new address. Conservation of memory space and increased memory versatility is thereby obtained.

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