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Well log processing technique

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4320458.

An illustrative embodiment described herein discloses an automatic method of determining correlations between characteristic signal elements corresponding to common recognizable features represented by sampled signals. Specific types of characteristic elements are detected and their boundary positions and characteristic parameters recorded. These records are sorted according to predefined procedures employing relative positions of the boundaries. Efficient references are generated to provide search bounds and elements located above and below each boundary.Specified types of elements are selected in a given order to provide a desired type of correlation. Compatible types of elements occurring within predefined search bounds are located and compared to determine corresponding elements. The comparison employs the use of the previously recorded characteristic parameters. As the correspondents are found, the search bounds are modified accordingly to guide the procedure in location of subsequent elements. The modification of the search bounds updates the previous references. The search bounds used for locating and comparing subsequent elements are consequently restricted to prevent miscomparison.Use of boundary positions of the detected elements in the correlation process allows a natural determination of correlation and search intervals. Comparison of the characteristic parameters allows correlation of features of unequal length without the necessity of resampling or warping one or more of the signals.When the correlation method is applied to dipmeter signals used to determine dip and strike information on subsurface formations penetrated by an exploration borehole, the displacements calculated from the resulting correlations produce more reliable and more detailed information than customary correlation methods.

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