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Transaction execution system with improved key function versatility

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #4319336.

A transaction execution system is provided in which key initiated transaction requests at a terminal remote from and in communication with a host data processing system are processed at the terminal under the selective control of the host. Each active transaction key at the terminal keyboard is assigned one of three different states by a financial institution table. The table provides keyboard customization by selecting one of a plurality of different groups of key states for the different keys arrived at by combining the key states in a custom key set table with the states in a base key set table in response to information from a credit card entered by a consumer. Transactions requested by keys assigned a standard state are processed at the terminal without further data input being required of the consumer. Transactions requested by keys having a data entry state are also handled within the terminal and with the additional consumer entered data required to complete the transaction being requested by and received by the terminal using sets of messages previously stored in the terminal by the host data processing system. Transactions designated by an interactive key state take place within and involve interactive communication between both the terminal and the host, enabling the responses and other communications generated by the host in connection with a transaction for a particular customer to be customized and providing for greater and more varied transactions including such things as bill paying in which funds are transferred between accounts in the host. Message storage within the terminal and communication of messages to the terminal from the host are greatly simplified by storage of segments of messages at the terminal. Frequently repeated phrases can then be incorporated into a message as it is readied for display at the terminal by storing the phrases as segments and thereafter simply identifying them in message definitions communicated to the terminal from the host or stored at the terminal.

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