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Aluminum container

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4316551.

A seamless aluminum container of the type used for beer, soft drinks, edible goods or the like is provided which container is adapted to be manually axially collapsed in a predetermined pattern to a smaller size when its contents are exhausted, the container collapse being accomplished without the need of any apparatus for guiding the container sidewall collapse and without the aid of any mechanical or fluid pressure device. The container sidewall is embossed with a number of adjacent rows of similar, shallow, elongate embossments, adjacent embossments of a row being separated by narrow increments of the lateral surface. Rows of sharply angled rib means separate the rows of embossments. Increments in a row of embossments are each offset peripherally from increments of an adjacent row. Manual axial forces collapse adjacent rows of embossments about an interposed rib means to form a collapsed container approximately one-fifth the size of the original container. The device encourages consumers to recycle aluminum, facilitates the storage and transport of aluminum cans to a recycling station, strengthens aluminum cans in a transverse direction permitting thinner aluminum stock to be used, and conserves aluminum and the energy needed to produce aluminum.

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