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Interlocking refractory for covering a pipe

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4304267.

A light-weight, thermally resistant, shock-resistant refractory for covering a water pipe in a high-temperature environment. The refractory shape is a partial cylinder including a body segment, two protuberances spaced apart from and on either side of the body segment by corresponding recesses and terminating in a void between the two protuberances. Two identical segments, when axially aligned in juxtaposition, are fitted together around a pipe such that the body segment of each refractory shape is intimately received by the corresponding void of the opposite refractory shape and the pair of protuberances of one shape are closely received and interlocked with the corresponding pair of recesses in the opposing shape to form a substantially cylindrical refractory covering around the pipe. The shape requires no additional means to support itself around the pipe.

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