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Automatically controlled casting plant

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4299268.

A casting plant comprises a pressure ladle and a small-capacity tilting ladle to regulate the filling of molds making up a casting line and successively moving to a position beneath the tilting ladle. The control system comprises two servo loops. One servo loop includes sensors acting upon a motor to control the angular position of the tilting ladle so that the level of metal in the pouring gate of the mold remains constant during the pouring operation. During this time, an optical sensor, an angular-position sensor, and a pressure sensor included in the other servo loop supply input data which are processed to supply a signal acting upon a valve in a gas line feeding the pressure ladle. This valve regulates the flow of molten metal from the pressure ladle to the tilting ladle so that the quantity of metal contained in the tilting ladle remains substantially constant.

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