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Mobile concreting apparatus and method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4298288.

A mobile concreting apparatus and method which may be used, in particular, for on-site construction of swimming pools. It includes a vehicle supporting a plurality of containers, each adapted to contain one of the ingredients of concrete. Each container is provided with its own ingredient feeder which feeds the ingredients to a mixing device mounted on the vehicle to create a concrete slurry. The slurry is transferred from the mixing device to the surface to be coated by a structure including a slurry pump, a hose and a nozzle. Each ingredient feeder can be individually varied in the rate at which it feeds its ingredient so that the relative composition of the slurry, and the flow rate of the slurry, can be rapidly and selectively varied on the job site to meet the particular requirements for each job. In addition, feed rate settings which provide a desirable composition and overall feed rate can be noted and reproduced on subsequent occasions when the same composition and feed rate are desired.

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