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Test access apparatus

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4298239.

Portable test apparatus utilized to access a field of test points comprises either a single access tool (100) or a multiple access adaptor (200) depending on the mode of testing required. Tool (100) is usually employed for accessing the field to effect a periodic testing whereas adaptor (200) is generally used for planned test activities. Tool (100) comprises body (111), guide assembly (150) and cover plater (170) which house clamp assembly (130) and pin contact assembly (180). Clamp assembly (130) operates in scissor-like fashion for engaging and disengaging tool (100) from test field grips (401). Spring-loaded pins (181) penetrate apertures (403) within the test field to contact the test points. Adaptor (200) comprises body (211), center panel (240) and guide (260) which enclose pin contact assembly (280); in addition, cam-lever drive assembly (210) attached to body (211). Drive assembly (210) has means for grasping a frame (50) associated with the test field so as to draw body (211) towards frame (50). In the engaged position, spring-loaded pins (281) contact the test point. Recesses (266) in the front face of guide (260) align juxtaposed test field grips to establish a uniform field of test points.

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