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Process for producing bipolar semiconductor device utilizing predeposition of dopant and a polycrystalline silicon-gold film followed by simultaneous diffusion

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4290188.

A process for manufacturing a bipolar semiconductor device. An epitaxial layer is formed on a silicon wafer, and a base layer is formed by the diffusion of impurities having one conductivity type in a part of the epitaxial layer. Impurities having the opposite conductivity type are deposited in a part of the base layer, polycrystalline silicon is deposited on the entire surface of the wafer which is provided with windows for emitter, base and collector electrodes, and a gold-containing film is applied on the entire surface of the polycrystalline silicon layer. Impurities having the opposite conductivity type are deposited and driven into the base layer so as to form an emitter layer and simultaneously gold atoms are driven in through the collector windows into a collector layer of the epitaxial layer and through the base and emitter windows into the collector layer.

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