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Cabinet-mounted bathroom-scale

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4288131.

A retractable cabinet-mounted bathroom-scale including a cabinet or housing mounted to or recessed into a wall and a conventional spring-type bathroom-scale having its rear end pivotally mounted to the housing, with its pivots extending into elongated vertical pivot-guiding recesses in the side-walls of the housing, in which the pivots can move up and down, and the bathroom scale being so arranged in relation to the housing that when it is retracted it is vertically disposed and its operative top-side faces outwardly and its front end is in the bottom of the housing and its rear end in the top of the housing, and when the bathroom-scale is swung outwardly into its horizontal operative position its front end is spaced outwardly from the housing and is supported on the floor on a pair of gliders mounted to or rollers on pivots mounted to the front end thereof and its rear end is pivotally mounted in the housing with its rear pivots in the bottoms of the pivot-guiding recesses.

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