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Non-freeze wall hydrant

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4286616.

In a wall hydrant, on the inner and outer ends of a wall-penetrating conduit, an inlet connection casting and a discharge casting; a valving member movable axially in an inlet valving bore relative to a seat; a lateral conduit outlet from a discharge casting bore; a shaft structure including key-rotated stem threaded through a plug in the latter bore end and connected axially to shift, upon rotation, the valving member, and also a shaft-carried flange "O"-ring sealable on an interior surface controlling plug-associated exterior draining and air vent openings; the valving and flange seals being spaced, relative to the controlling surface and inlet bore spacing, for conduit drainage and vent opening after inlet closure; a part of the shaft structure upon removal being invertable to serve as a valve seat service tool. Within the hydrant, an anti water backup device. A hydrant wall box, and a vacuum breaker including a discharge casting outlet enlargement with a cap having a hose connection and with the enlargement defining air vents; a hollow flexible elastomeric element with an open-ended inner end portion fitted into the mating enlargement end and having an outer end seal portion to outwardly seal the vents, and a headed member within the flexible element shiftable with water flow outwardly against the seal portion to increase vent sealing pressure and biased inwardly; the head being plurally through-apertured radially inward of vent-closing seal contact; the seal portion being flexible inwardly to open the vents, and further to seal upon the head, whereby back flow is prevented and the air vents opened for hose drainage and/or vacuum breaking.

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