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Process for producing high-strength, low yield ratio and high ductility dual-phase structure steel sheets

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4285741.

Process for producing a high strength, low yield ratio and high ductility dual-phase structure steel sheet having a structure composed mainly of a ferrite phase and a rapidly cooled transformation phase and having excellent formability with a tensile strength of 40 kg/mm.sup.2 or higher. The process comprises cooling the continuously annealed steel sheet under the following conditions:(1) C./second.ltoreq.R.sub.1 C./secondwherein R.sub.1 represents an average cooling rate from the continuous annealing temperature down to an intermediate temperature C. in the cooling process.(2) C./second.ltoreq.R.sub.2 C./secondwherein R.sub.2 represents an average cooling rate from C. to a temperature not higher than C.,(3) R.sub.1 <R.sub.2 and(4) C.

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