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Method for bonding a plastic case to a stub cable

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4276108.

A coiled section (16) of a plastic sheathed stub cable (10) is placed on a support (43) which is orbited about a longitudinal axis of a straight section (13) of the stub cable. The straight section of cable is positioned coaxially within an aperture formed in a casing part (12) which is mounted in a rotating nest (16). The juncture (70) between the apertured casing and the cable sheath is heated (81), whereafter a bead (91) of bonding material is extruded around the juncture. A molding die (106) is moved into the extruded bead to force portions of the bead into the juncture to form a homogeneous weld with the cable sheath and casing parts while uniformly shaping the remaining portions.

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