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Aircraft/pylon multi-contact electrical connector

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4265503.

The invention is directed to an electrical connector with multi-pin/socket contacts suitable for use in locations where the receptacle assembly is attached to a support, such as the underside of an aircraft wing, and the plug assembly is mounted on a separate detachable structure, such as a pylon. The plug assembly engages the receptacle through collet fingertips. A separate, but not independent, capsule assembly is mated with the receptacle socket contacts by vertical movement imparted by a cam assembly. The mated/engaged connector is locked in that relation by balls juxtaposed between a capsule assembly channel and a plug housing sleeve. The plug housing is suitably floated on spring loaded mounts attached to the pylon skin. The connector is unmated, unlocked and disengaged when movement of the pylon skin depresses trip ears on the plug housing; the ears depress the outer locking sleeve to release the ball-lock and to permit spring action to unmate the receptacle/plug contacts; spring action then further depresses the outer locking shell so that the fingertips release the receptacle and the plug assembly is free and ready for another engagement/mating. A retractable button signals a no mate relation except when the connector is fully mated and locked.

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