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Device for selecting values of data elements

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4258426.

Device for selecting values of data elements forming part of a group of data elements includes an operation circuit, a display unit and first register for registering and delivering values of data elements to the display unit. The operating circuit, depending upon the time such circuit is activated, causes the selection of a value of a data element. A second register is provided for registering and delivering to the first register and to the display unit indication information controlling which one of the data elements out of the group of data elements is to be selected. A third register is also included to alter the indication information on a repeated activation of the operation circuit so that subsequent data elements out of the group of data elements are prepared for value selection. Other embodiments of the device includes a plurality of separate operation circuits, of separate operation circuits, an erase feature and implementation with a programmable digital signal processor.

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