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Positionally adjustable storing and conveying apparatus for mortar and similar substances

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4256217.

A storing and conveying apparatus for mortar and similar substances includes a silo-shaped container supported on legs and having a bottom discharge opening, and a screw conveyor mounted underneath the discharge opening of the container, having an inlet opening in a substantial registry with the discharge opening of the container, and being pivotable about substantially horizontal axis between first and second position. In the first position, the discharge and inlet openings are alignedly juxtaposed with one another, and in the second position, the discharge and inlet openings are spaced from each other and inclined at a given angle with respect to one another. An intermediate member of tubular configuration is interposed between and clamped by the conveyor and the container, the intermediate member having respective open ends which respectively communicate with the discharge opening and the inlet opening and extend along planes which enclose the given angle with one another. Cooperating male and female connecting arrangements are also provided for holding the conveyor in the first or the second position. Advantageously, the ends of the intermediate member are sealingly received in depressions of flanges which are connected to the conveyor and to the container, respectively and surround either the discharge opening or the inlet opening.

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