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Four-way loaded type linear bearing

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4253709.

Disclosed here is a four-way loaded type linear bearing. In a four-way loaded type linear bearing comprising a bearing body, side covers fitted and secured to both end faces of said bearing body, and a retainer inserted and fixed into said bearing body for holding a multitude of balls positioned through said bearing body and said side covers, and bearing body had a square hole therein on the four corners of which are formed axially extending recessed rolling surfaces having almost the same radius of curvature as the ball radius, said bearing body is further provided at both end faces thereof with annular convexes adjacent the edge portions of said rolling surfaces, and holes for escape balls are formed axially adjacent the outer periphery of each said annular convex, while said side covers are each provided with an annular concave to match the annular convex formed on the bearing body, across which annular concave are formed U-shaped grooves for changing the direction of balls, and said retainer has inclined surfaces opposed to the rolling surfaces of the bearing body in which inclined surfaces are formed slits, with tongue pieces formed at both ends of each said slit, furthermore, opening ends corresponding to the width of a rail bed are formed in the lower portion of said bearing body and that of said side covers.

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