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Plastic bee frame with reinforced supporting ears and notched frame bars

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4234985.

A unitary molded plastic bee frame including a molded plastic honeycomb foundation, and wherein integral ears are formed on and project laterally from opposing upper ends of the frame bars, with the ears having thin top and end walls, a thickened midrib extending endwise thereof, and a thickened lower wall projecting through the end frame bars acting as a brace and reinforcement for the ears. An angled brace projecting between the lower and upper ear walls additionally strengthens the ears so they will support the frames in a super to prevent detachment thereof and dislodgement of the frames. The lower ends of the frame end bars are reduced in width by notching to enable vertical alternate stacking in cartons to increase the number of frames per carton and decrease the weight thereof.

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