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Variable speed A.C. motor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4227136.

This invention is directed to a controllable infinitely variable speed A.C. electrical motor, comprising a rotor having a core of soft magnetic material carrying a peripheral layer of magnetizable permanent magnet material, which layer is magnetized by a stationary excitation coil energized with A.C. potential so that the peripheral layer assumes a selected configuration of north and south magnetic poles as the rotor revolves; A.C. potential is also applied to windings in slots in the stator core to provide a plurality of magnetic poles in the stator coacting magnetically with the configuration of north and south magnetic poles in the layer of magnetic material in the rotor, whereby to cause the rotor to revolve. Phase shifting means are provided in the circuit leading to the excitation coil to enable the phase of the A.C. current being supplied thereto to be shifted with respect to the phases of the A.C. current being supplied to the windings in the stator, and such phase shifting causes the rotor to speed up or slow down over a substantial range of speeds.

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