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Fog filter for headlights

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4225904.

A fog filter for automobile headlights consists of a lens cover in the form of a sheet of smooth transparent plastic material, preferably of an amber color, and which has a circular outline and a diameter corresponding to that of the standard sealed beam automobile lens. The lens cover is secured at its periphery to a rim portion having formed integrally therewith a continuous magnet which cooperates with the metal rim of the automobile headlight to secure the filter or lens cover in place. Two types of lens covers or filters are disclosed. One is a complete filter or lens cover for the two high-beam lenses of a double headlight system wherein the filter of lens cover is amber or other suitable color. The other form of filter or lens cover is for single headlights having both the high-beam and low-beam in the same lamp wherein the filter or lens cover is clear in the lower half thereof and amber colored or the like in the upper half. Both forms of filter or lens cover have a continuous magnet extending around the entire periphery thereof to secure the same in place by magnet attraction to the metal rim surrounding the headlight.

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