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Apparatus for absorbing a vapor in a liquid and absorption refrigeration system incorporating same

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4223539.

Apparatus and method are disclosed for absorbing a subject vapor in an absorbent liquid wherein an additive is provided which exists in at least a vapor phase concurrently with the subject vapor, which additive is effective to reduce the surface tension of the absorbent liquid upon contact therewith. A heat transfer member is provided having a first surface over which absorbent liquid is passed such that a film is formed thereon, and a second surface over which a heat transfer fluid is passed in order to remove heat from the absorption process. Means are provided associated with the first surface of the heat transfer member for promoting interfacial turbulence between the film of absorbent liquid and the subject vapor such that a series of preferential absorption sites is established along the first surface. In a preferred embodiment, the last-named means comprise a plurality of protuberances extending outwardly from the first surface and spaced from one another so as to define a two dimensional arrangement of protuberances along the first surface. As one example of the application of the invention, a lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system is disclosed wherein the absorber thereof is designed in accordance with the present invention.

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