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External air release control in seismic air gun

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4219097.

Disclosed is a seismic source device, known in the industry as an air gun, having shuttle and external sliding valve control for allowing a predetermined discharge of compressed air into water for purposes of seismic exploration. The shuttle is controlled by air pressure to move it upward, thereby permitting compressed air in the firing chamber to exhaust through exhaust ports. The external sliding valve had been held in a downward position by air pressure supplied from the firing chamber, compressing a spring. As the firing chamber pressure drops, the compressed spring expands, forcing the sliding valve to move upward, closing the exhaust ports. By preventing further discharge of air, secondary pulses are greatly reduced, with little or no loss in acoustic output, thereby enhancing the operation of the entire system. Further, by preventing all the air in the firing chamber from being discharged, the system becomes more efficient and more cost effective.

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