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Disposable package for dispensing liquids with a controlled rate of flow

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4216885.

A disposable package for dispensing liquids with a controlled rate of flow is described, such as for syrup for use with a post-mix soft drink dispenser. The disposable package includes a thin walled plastic or glass container with a closed end and an open end defining a discharge opening with a flow rate control tube positioned in said container in a predetermined position. The flow rate control tube has a closed rupturable, openable or frangible sealed end, which extends through the closed end of the container, and an open end, which is disposed at a predetermined distance within the container from the position of the discharge opening. The discharge or open end of the container is sealed by a removable cap and a rupturable membrane. The sealed end of the flow rate control tube may be contained within a recessed portion of the container adjacent the closed end thereof to protect the sealed end from rupture during shipping of the disposable package. A check valve may be placed at the open end of the flow control tube to preclude spillage in operable condition when the package temperature is elevated and the trapped head-space expands exerting back-pressure.

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