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Flexibly-hinged triangular collapsible net assembly

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4207700.

This net asssembly, designed primarily for fishermen or the like, comprises a flexibly-hinged triangular collapsible trio of net supporting arms, and a handle member. Two of the net supporting arms are hingedly attached to the handle by means of a pair of hinge fingers integrally projecting from the handle. The third of the net supporting arms is hingedly affixed at one end to the other end of one of the first named arms, by a flexible hinge, and is slidably engaged at its other end around the second of said first named pair of arms. The three arms support a net, and in closed position are in close, side-by-side, parallel relationship. The net is opened by sliding the one end of an arm along one of the arms which is hinged to the handle, thus quickly creating a solid triangular net assembly. A cylindrical storage member is provided to act either as an extension handle, or to receive the collapsed net assembly, telescopically.

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