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Method and apparatus for electro-optically sensing, transmitting and recording pictorial information in particular facsimile transmission systems

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #4203136.

A method and apparatus for electro-optically scanning a picture with a head having multiple electrical optical scanning devices which can be simultaneously moved across the picture and wherein the output of such scanning devices are alternately supplied to storage or memory devices which convert the information from the scanning devices into series arranged information corresponding to each scanning device and wherein during the time that the scanning devices are scanning certain portions of the picture and supplying information to a first set of storage or memory devices, information from a second group of storage or memory devices is being read out to a transmitter for transferring the data to a second location. The invention and method further include a receiver for receiving such information and includes a pair of plurality of storage devices one of which is receiving the incoming information and the other is supplying previously stored information to scanning writing heads.

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