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Cinecamera equipment capable of synchronous sound recording

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4196984.

A motion picture camera is adapted to receive a film magazine containing a roll of sound recordable photographic film. A housing forms a chamber to receive the magazine. A cover opens and closes the chamber. A recording system records sound signals on the film. A setting arrangement engages the recorder system and the film with each other so as to record signals. The setting arrangement is movable into a first position where the film engages the recorder and a second position where the film is disengaged from the recorder so as to be incapable of recording sound signals. A transport device is coupled to the setting arrangement in the first position when the recorder is in the first position. An interconnecting system responds to closure of the cover for moving the setting arrangement from the second position to the first position so that the camera can be set for sound signal recording in response to the closing of the cover.

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