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Noisemaker beacon

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4194246.

1. An acoustic jammer assembly constructed for ejection from a signal tube n a submarine, said assembly comprising a cylindrical casing for containing various elements of the jammer; a high frequency acoustic noisemaker attached to one end of said casing and comprising a thick wall cylinder having the same outer diameter as said casing and including an energizing motor; a sea cell battery physically connected to said and electrically connected to said motor for energizing said motor and mounted inside said casing; a flotation unit mounted inside said casing and physically connected to said battery; said flotation unit comprising a collapsed parachute, an inflatable balloon having a gas generating balloon inflating canister having a gas discharge opening in communication with the interior of said balloon, and a regulating valve in said balloon and actuated by said parachute for regulating the flotation depth of said flotation unit; a conical spring ejector compressed between said flotation unit and said battery for ejecting said flotation unit from said casing; a removable end cover plate for the casing, said cover plate including a trigger actuated mechanism so constructed as to be operated upon passage of the assembly through said signal tube thereby releasing the cover plate from the casing, whereby said compressed ejector spring may eject said flotation unit and allow water to come in contact with the gas generator and battery.

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