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Cone crusher

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4192472.

A gyrating cone-shaped head cooperates with a stationary bowl support to crush rock or the like admitted into the crusher. The gyrating action of the head is accomplished by an off-set shaft arrangement for the head driven by a rotatable eccentric member. Input drive for the crusher rotatably operates the eccentric member through an independent coupler for improved gear alignment, operation and maintenance. The head has gyrating support on a dished bearing surface of the main frame, and hydrostatic pressure is admitted between the head and the frame support to minimize wear. Also, a fluid lift is provided for portions of the drive apparatus to support such parts and eliminate thrust loading caused by the weight of such parts on a radial roller bearing, thereby prolonging the useful life of the bearing. An improved seal is provided between the head and the main frame and is of a structure to remain intact and to operate effectively under all normal operating conditions of the crusher. Fluid operated apparatus is used to provide a pressure hold-down for the bowl and also fluid operated apparatus is provided for adjusting the bowl rotatably and for locking the bowl securely.

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