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Hydraulic speed control system for the pick-up reel of a peanut combine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4188772.

The present invention relates to a hydraulic speed control system for controlling the peripheral speed of a pick-up reel rotatively mounted about the front of a peanut combine. During the harvesting operation, the hydraulic speed control system is adapted to drive the pick-up reel at a generally constant speed as long as the ground speed of the peanut combine is equal to or less than a selected speed. The hydraulic control system is responsive to the ground speed of the peanut combine such that once the ground speed exceeds said selected speed, the hydraulic control system then drives the pick-up reel in proportion to ground speed such that the peripheral speed of the reel is generally equal the harvester ground speed in order that the relative velocity between the entering crop material being delivered to the combine by the reel and the combine itself is generally zero.

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