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Molten glass separating device in glass fiber forming apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4171212.

In a glass fiber forming apparatus comprising an orifice plate which has a large number of closely spaced orifices and has a flat undersurface and air is blown upwardly against said orifice plate during spinning operation, means is provided for mechanically separating into individual glass fibers a mass of molten glass adhering to the undersurface of the orifice plate in flooding condition before spinning is started or after all glass fibers are broken. The separating means is a clamping means so constructed and arranged as to clamp a mass of molten glass, means for moving said clamping means between a waiting position at which said clamping means will not interfere with the stream of filaments in the normal spinning operation and an operative position at which said clamping means can clamp a mass of molten glass, and means for causing said clamping means to open or close.

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