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Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4165048.

A thread-supply arrangement for use in textile-manufacturing machines includes an accumulating drum which is mounted on a shaft and is to be selectively driven, together with other accumulating drums, when the shaft thereof is driven in rotation by an advancing belt or the like. A single pulley is mounted on the shaft for joint rotation therewith and for selected displacement longitudinally of the shaft between a plurality of positions in different ones of which different advancing belts are trained about the single pulley. Lifting rollers lift the respective advancing belt from the pulley to enable the latter to assume a different one of the positions thereof. Each belt which is then not being trained about the pulley, may be supported on a guiding roller mounted on an arm endwise received in an aperture of the support on which the shaft is mounted. The lifting roller may be mounted, together with an additional lifting roller, each on one arm of a double-armed lever pivotally about the shaft between an extended and a retracted position and arrestable at least in the retracted position thereof.

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