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Heat reclaim system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4163469.

A heat reclaim system for reclaiming waste heat from a material processing line by bleeding a portion of the heated air from one or more points on the material heat processing line and directing such heated air through an economizer containing a bank of serpentine coils. Water is pumped through the economizer coils to extract heat from the air, and the heated water leaving the economizer is piped to another heat exchanger where the reclaimed heat is extracted from the water for use in other processes. More than one economizer may be provided in each heat reclaim system for receiving bleed-off air from different points on the material heat processing line, with the economizers connected in series to obtain the highest temperature difference between the air and water. Separate waste heat reclaim systems should be provided for each material heat processing line, with separate controls for each of the heat reclaim systems to permit the heat reclaim system to operate independently of the other systems so that any one line may be shut down without affecting the operation of the other lines.

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