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Attachment for shopping cart

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4156318.

An attachment, providing a substantially flat and stable writing surface for the shopper, for use on a supermarket shopping cart of the type having a collapsible infant seat pivotally connected to its rear wall. The attachment is pivotally connected to the upper transverse bar of either the rear wall of the shopping cart or the upper transverse bar of the inner wall which forms a part of the infant seat. When in use, the attachment extends forwardly over the infant seat space and rests on the upper transverse bars of the inner wall of the infant seat and of the rear wall of the cart. When the attachment is not in use and the infant seat is closed, the attachment pivots about one of the upper transverse bars of the cart and hangs in a downward attitude. The attachment is constructed as an integral unit of synthetic material and has a flat upper surface which optionally includes advertizing material for products sold in the store and indications where products are located in the shopping area. The attachment also is optionally provided with means for releasably holding a shopper's list and means for holding a pencil.

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