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Transit concrete mixer adapted for loading and discharging aggregates of a wide range of slump value

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4154534.

A transit concrete mixer includes a drum which is mounted for discharge either forwardly or reversely of the vehicle and has two sets of flights for two-stage concrete loading and discharging. One set of flights is particularly useful for carrying the aggregate from the base of the drum upwardly along the major axis of the drum and a second set of flights is adapted for receiving the aggregate and transporting it through the remaining length of the drum to the discharge opening of the drum. Thus, for relatively stiff, low slump aggregates which are useful in paving and for formless type useage, the concrete mixer unit is fully adaptable for such low slump values. Conversely, the same set of flights is adapted for charging and discharging relatively high slump values which are utilized for form type applications. Additionally, the discharge opening of the drum is controlled in accordance with the slump of the discharging concrete mix or aggregate so that for relatively stiff and low order slump values the aggregate is dischargeable without impediment and, conversely, for more fluid, high slump aggregates, the discharge opening is controllable by an adjustably placeable weir which precludes too rapid emergence of the slump for given drum rotations with the described combination of flights. The transit mixer unit is, therefore, the first practicable all-purpose transit mixer.

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