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Cloth cutter with sharpener and cloth contacting parts are teflon coated

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4152829.

The invention relates to a cloth-cutting machine with a sword-knife, provided with a band sharpening device, an elastic hold-down and all the parts being in contact with the cloth sheet to be cut are coated with an anti-friction polytetrafluorethylene coating. The machine is driven by an electromotor and can be characterized in that in the sharpening head band tensioning arms are arranged, on said arms changeable heads are mounted, furthermore the machine is provided with a control spindle performing regulation by means of a tension spring and a nut bolt. The rod pressing the cloth in an elastic manner is provided with the toothed retaining member, the casing leading the same, with the spring built into said casing, with a retaining lever, a further spring and with an arm for the release of the retaining member.The machine according to the invention ensures excellent quality of the cloth-sheet cut, economical operation of the machine and reduced display of physical strength.

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