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Catalyst gas generating circuit for rotary core making machine

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #4129168.

Disclosed is a rotary-type continuous motion core making machine capable of carrying a number of core mold boxes, each supported on a carrier adapted to move up and down, a sand distributing system adaped to inject a foundry sand mix into each of the core boxes, and a manifold system for distributing curing and purging gases to the core boxes. The machine is capable of completing a core/mold production cycle in a single circle of turret revolution. The vertical movement of the core box carrier, horizontal radial movement of portions of the gas manifold system, and movements of other parts of the machine are generated by the turret rotation and are controlled by a number of stationary contoured cam tracks. Disclosed also is a novel catalyst gas generating system, a core box assembly comtaining ejector pins in the top portion thereof, and a system for collecting and assembling components into a unified core and mold assembly.

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