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Mixing apparatus

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4125331.

A mixing apparatus for the continuous mixing of a dry bulk material with a liquid to form a slurry. The dry material is introduced through an elongated vertical tube while the liquid is brought into an elongated cylindrical chamber around that tube in a rotary motion under pressure. The liquid with its rotary motion and being under pressure exits from an adjustable annular orifice at the same point that the dry bulk material is added to the slurry whereby the jetted liquid effects the initial mixing process while deflecting the material into a reservoir. The slurry thus formed is circulated by a suitable pumping system from the reservoir for use. The unused slurry is pumped back into the reservoir by way of a voluted shroud which envelopes the mixing portion of the initial mixing device. Centrifugal force resulting from this rotary motion of the slurry tends to pull the newly mixed slurry out into the reservoir for a continuous intimate mixing process.

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