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Labeling station

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4118269.

In a labeling station for applying labels one above the other onto objects, having at least one pickup element mounted essentially on a rotatable carrier for movement about an axis a gripper cylinder is provided having a rotating carrier having eccentrically disposed gripping and pressing elements for the upper and lower labels, which elements are tangent to the circulation path of the pickup elements approximately in synchronism. The labels are transferred by the gripping and pressing elements to objects moved along a transport path whose areas to be labeled are at different distances from the gripper cylinder axis. The carrier of the gripping and pressing elements comprises two parts disposed one over the other and eccentrically to one another, which carry upper and lower gripping and pressing elements at different radii and revolve at equal angular velocity. The circulation paths for the upper and lower gripping and pressing elements have in the labeling range a distance from one another which corresponds to the difference between the areas to be labeled on the objects.

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