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Washing machine for industrial parts

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4117855.

A square base with upright side walls and a flat top wall defining a large circular opening has an upstanding ring spaced concentrically around the opening. A cylindrical hood open at the bottom fits within the ring and is pivotally connected to the top of the base. A pair of fluid pressure operated cylinders with piston rods are connected to opposite sides of the base and the hood to swing the hood about its pivot to open position above the base. A work supporting grid is supported within the base below the ring. A tank is connected to one side wall of the base, and an inclined collector plate located in the base below the grid drains to a hole opening to the top of the tank. Liquid delivery couplings connected to the top of the hood and the top of the collector plate centrally thereof with fixed cylindrical outlet housings projecting toward the inside of the hood have receiving connections on their ends located outwardly of the hood and plate. Receiving rings are swivelly mounted around the cylindrical outlet housings with liquid passages therebetween. Spray pipes are connected to the receiving rings and project radially therefrom, with jet openings in the pipes directed inwardly of the hood and plate and at angles to planes passed through the pipes and the axes of the rings to rotate the pipes and receiving rings by reaction force of liquid spraying into the hood from the pipes. A pump and driving motor are supported on one side of the base with an inlet to the pump extending downwardly into the tank. Feed hoses connect the outlet of the pump to the receiving connections of the fluid delivery couplings.

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