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Three-dimensional atomizing spray tower

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4114813.

A spray tower for use in spraying a liquid, particularly a corrosive liquid which is used to test the corrosion resistance of test samples, includes a vertically extending cylinder having an open upper end. Liquid is injected into a lower portion of the cylinder, and a gas is injected thereat to atomize the liquid and cause it to pass upwardly through the cylinder toward the open upper end thereof. The cylinder has extending therethrough, in at least one position intermediate the open upper end thereof in the atomizer, a plurality of ports. A deflector member is mounted above the open upper end of the cylinder for deflecting outwardly therefrom atomizing liquid which exits from the open upper end. A directing member is mounted within the cylinder adjacent the ports to direct a portion of the atomized liquid passing upwardly through the cylinder outwardly through the ports. Shield plates are vertically adjustably mounted to the exterior of the cylinder and are vertically movable between a blocking position blocking a portion of the ports and an open position unblocking the ports. There is also provided an uppermost shield plate which is vertically movable to close a portion of a gap formed between the open upper end of the cylinder and the deflector member.

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