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Ice skate sharpening devices

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4109419.

A lightweight transversely pivoting and longitudinally sliding skate carriage exhibiting exceptionally low friction, introduces a high degree of sensitivity into the process of skate sharpening, facilitating very light grinding cuts and low uniform traversing speeds, enabling a relatively unskilled operator to produce superlative surface finishes and accurately maintain the blade "rocker" profile. The carriage pivotal axis is so located and the skate blade so positioned that the "hollow grind" is accurately centralized throughout the length of the blade. The low friction, pivotal provision enables the blade to be held in sensitive contact with the cutting wheel controlling the depth of cut, while the longitudinal sliding provision permits sensitive control of rate of cutting lengthwise along the skate blade. The skate carriage is readily removable and being lightweight facilitates inspection of the blade surface during the course of sharpening. The longitudinal profile or rocker of the blade may be controlled by mounting a template to the carriage parallel to the longitudinal axis, which engages a stationary roller throughout the course of longitudinal travel, thereby replicating the template profile onto the blade during the sharpening operation. Rolling elements may be used on the carriage capable of accommodating both the transversely pivoting and longitudinal motions.

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