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Stretchable material rewinding machine

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4103840.

Web tension in a creped paper rewinder is controlled at two stations along the web route by respective counterweighted dancer rolls which also serve as sensors for a drive speed control mechanism. Primary drive speed is under programmed control whereby a first, length percentage of a rewind reel length determines the high speed drive duration whereupon the drive speed is reduced to a lower rate for rewind reel length completion. Rewind reels are self-started on vacuum mandrels which are magazine supplied to the reel starting position. The supply web is longitudinally slit into a multiplicity of strips, each strip being wound about the vacuum mandrel in a reel laterally distinct from adjacent reels but with all reels built upon a common axis mandrel. Tails of the several strips are severed from the web supply by traversing cutter-gluer apparatus which simultaneously spots the end of each cut tail with a portion of adhesive to prevent unreeling following strip reel removal from the mandrel.

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